Friday, March 6, 2009

In a spin over safe sex

HOW'S this for a passion killer: a contraceptive that looks like a windsock and rustles like a plastic bag during sex? The female condom ? one of the more inglorious inventions to hit the birth control market ? is proof that sometimes it's hard to be a woman. The sexual revolution may have heralded a new era of reproductive freedom but choosing the right contraception has never been more confusing.

A bewildering array of products, from hormonal implants and injections to skin patches and female condoms ? all promising to make contraception more reliable and user friendly ? has given women more choice than ever. In fact, pregnancy prevention in the future may be as simple as squirting a dash of perfume, after a Melbourne company last week announced plans to test the world's first spray-on contraceptive.

Sexual health experts predict more traditional methods such as the oral pill will eventually become obsolete as women opt for long-term options with less margin for error. Why worry about remembering to take a daily pill when an implant can protect you for up to three years?

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