Thursday, March 12, 2009

Clinton middle school students get condoms as part of health fair giveaway

Clinton middle school parents were in for awkward conversations Thursday night after some students got condoms as part of a school health fair giveaway.

"I kind of freaked out," said a Clinton seventh-grade girl who was so shocked and embarrassed when she pulled a condom out of a goodie bag that she dropped it.

"I turned to my friend and said 'What do I do with this?' and I gave it to someone. I wasn't going to keep it."

The Ryan Medical Center, a health care provider located in the school, handed out the bags as part of an HIV/AIDS awareness program.

Most contained only health literature, lapel pins, keychains or lollipops, but a number included condoms.

Red-faced administrators rushed to e-mail a message to parents saying the racy handout was done without its knowledge and apologized "if this unfortunate incident has caused anxiety for you or your child."

The condom-giveout was in violation of Department of Education policy and the principal will review any future material that the Ryan Center wants to distribute to students, said DOE spokeswoman Marge Feinberg.

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