Friday, February 27, 2009

JanesGuide MAXPRO Review

anesGuide was kind enough to check out our website and post a review!

"If you're the maker of a new kind of condom, you really have limited choices for how to make your product stand out. has found two great ways. First, they've packaged their products in nifty little metal boxes designed to answer the need for style and discretion. Also, they've created a website full of information on incorporating their products into a lifetime of safer sex. Their blog discusses condoms and other birth control methods in the news, as well as other issues related to safer sex, family planning and STI prevention. Also included is a page on dealing with all the potential objections to using condoms and how best to respond.'s store carries cockrings, lubes, t-shirts and of course condoms. --aag" is an awesome web portal for porn site reviews to help you decide whether or not that particular booby-trap is worth the money. They've also got reviews for adult products and stores. Check them out!

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